Commandant's Message

To: The Membership of the Marine Corps League of Pennsylvania Inc.

From: Brian Natali, Commandant, Marine Corps League of Pennsylvania Inc.

Subject: Report of the Marine Corps League 94th National Convention


900+ REGISTERED: As a department we had 1,121 delegates.  New Jersey had the most delegates at 1,270.  Although we did well representing our Department, I would like to challenge everyone to pay for their Detachments full strength of delegates for the Buffalo convention next year.  You will also need to send at least one representative of your detachment to register with the convention for the votes to count.  Let’s show them how strong we are.

As a Division we had approximately 30% of the total delegates available for the vote.  Keep up the good work and let’s take it to the next level.

$50,000 DEVIL DOGS DONATION TO CHILDREN’S MERCY HOSPITAL: The Maryland Pack was not the highest donor this year.  This is great work by the MODD.

APPROVED BUDGET OF $1.6million ($32,000+): the budget is in the black.

We have closure with the BOT on the Card and Label funding we have been fighting for.  We had a special Executive Session called by Commandant Gore to find a resolution to our problem.  I accepted $10,000 from the BOT to repay a portion of what we donated to National to help get them out of the financial problems they were experiencing a few years ago.  In accepting this payment we agreed that there would be no more payments from national to Pennsylvania for the Card and Label program.  We are committed to transfer $2,000 to the Auxiliary.  Both the League and Auxiliary will need to find other funding streams to fill the gap made by this change.

ALL PROPOSED BY-LAW CHANGES, INCLUDING THE REWRITE, WERE PULLED. LOOK FOR MORE INFORMATION BY YEAR END:  the reason for not presenting the by-law changes where that they were not presented on the website in time as the by-laws state. 

2018 CONVENTION AT HYATT REGENCY BUFFALO, NY - CONNECTED TO CONVENTION CENTER 10-19 AUGUST:  there are enough rooms available that a second hotel is not required.  Please support our fellow Division members the Department of New York.  Let’s have a great attendance at next years Convention.

2019 CONVENTION AT RED LION INN & CONVENTION CENTER, BILLINGS MONTANA 1-10 AUGUST:  this convention will have a second and third hotel.  What a great way to see Montana!  Please plan to also attend the 2019 convention.


Detachment 101-200 members 3rd place Upper Darby;

INDIVIDUAL – Jim Mineo, Northampton County; Joel Sofranko, Northeastern; Jim Mcclain, Northeastern;

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD (GOLD) PDC Jim Powell; PDC Tom Hazlett; Johnny P. Gill; Bill Miller.

AMERICANISM – Northampton County 2nd Place (Battalion 100+)

NEWSLETTER – Lehigh Valley Platoon 2nd Place; Pennsylvania Dept 1st Place


Wendell Webb (MO), National Commandant;

Dennis Tobin (NY), National Senior Vice Commandant

Johnny Baker (AL), National Senior Vice Commandant

Warren Griffin (MA), National Judge Advocate

Tim Forbes (NY), Northeast Division Vice Commandant

Joe Diangelo (NJ), Northeast Assistant Division Vice Commandant