Department Of Pennsylvania Service Rifle/Pistol Match

2017 Rifle Match information

The dates for Reade Range are set, SEPT 9th and 10th, 2017



  • Lunches will NOT be provided during the 2017 Rifle Match, it is the shooter's responsibility to provide his or her own lunches during the match


  • No hand written Rifle Team forms will be accepted (Do not attempt to send hand written forms, they will be disposed of); Team Captains will submit Team Registration Forms in Type using the on line form and then selecting "PRINT" when the form is completed (Then mail to me with the Release and Hold Harmless Agreements.  I will accept the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement forms in hand print format but still prefer that they be Printed as well and then signed; using the READE Range Release and Hold Harmless Agreement Form available on line. 



2017 Dept of PA Service Rifle Match Info

2017 Team/Individual Registration Form

2017 READE Range Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

2017 Reade Range Report Time

Reade Range Lodging

Reade Range GPS directions

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