Americanism Program   

Camilus Kulick, Chair

Anthony Flaynik, Member

George Souder,Member

Richard Bryan, Jr., Member

Michael Zizzo, Member

Daniel Murray, Member

David Radaker, Member


All Americanism Reports must be hand delivered to the Americanism Committee by 12:00 Noon on Friday of the Department Convention. All Americanism Reports (Albums) will be returned and receipted to your representative following judging and presentation of awards, Judging will take place following the close of Business on Friday Competition for awards will be based on Detachment Strength as of June of the previous convention. Awards will be based on Detachment strength as follows:

  • Category I (Platoon Size) Strength of 15 to 50
  • Category II (Company Size) Strength of 51 to 100
  • Category III (Battalion Size) Strength of 101 and over

Awards: Plaques for first, second, and third place in each category.

Newly formed Detachments will compete under category one (1). Participating Detachments are required to fill out the Americanism and Achievement Questionnaire and Criteria, and submit Scrapbook with pictures/activities.

For information or clarification please contact:
The Department Adjutant until further notice

Dept of PA Americanism Information and Questionnaire to be submitted with Detachment's entry